Engineering Development Program    (US Only)

As a recent or soon-to-be college graduate, you are welcome to apply to any of Fluke’s open positions that align with your qualifications. If you are an engineer, we have an added opportunity intentionally designed for a recent college graduate known as the Engineering Development Program.

The Engineering Development Program is a rotation-based program, where participants will change positions every 6-9 months for the first 2-2.5 years of their employment at Fluke. After 2 years, employees will carry the wealth of experience, business knowledge and perspective into a fixed, nonrotating position. Selection of the fixed position will be based on a holistic review of current business needs, performance evaluations, and employee satisfaction reflections, submitted for each rotation.

This program is a unique opportunity to engage in career exploration without sacrificing job security. It can also set a great foundation for long-term growth into a leadership position as graduates of the program have a deeper understanding of how different business functions are connected and will be prepared to lead with a greater sense of empathy.

Currently, Fluke has Engineering Development program tracks in the following areas:

• Electrical engineering
• Test engineering
• Software test engineering
• Firmware engineering
• Mechanical/manufacturing engineering