Early in Career

At Fluke, culture is important to us. A culture that welcomes all, including college students and recent graduates. Your fresh ideas and enthusiasm are not only welcome here, they are sought after. That’s why every year, we are committed to hiring interns and recent college graduates into positions with support cultivated for success.
Internship Programs Programs exclusively designed for current college students
Engineering Development Program A rotational program designed for recent college graduates
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See what our interns have to say
"I would like to highlight two of my most favorite things. First, the project that I was handed over was very interesting and involved real-time customer interaction. I was supposed to develop a solution from scratch which was to be used by a real customer and working on this project was really fun. Second, the intern’s week was cherry on the cake and it was beyond expectations."
Nirav Dedhiya Technology Development Intern, 2022
See what our interns have to say “I found it personally to be more helpful to be an intern first prior to the Engineering Development Program because it allowed me to become comfortable with Fluke’s culture and business structures prior to my first day in the program, enabling me to transition into my job more quickly than some of my other cohorts of the program. The internship also provided me with more exposure of various departments within Fluke than the Engineering Development Program because of its lunch & learn events, allowing me to know more about various roles and opportunities within Fluke prior to the start of the development program.”
Bryanna Raap Engineering Development Program, 2022
See what our interns have to say "I worked on full-stack web development, dev ops, testing, etc. Going in, I didn't know what I was particularly interested in and just told the manager to give me anything he thought of as helpful. He delivered - and now I love every single thing! The ability to work on all types of projects was phenomenal!" 
Lin Ai Tan Software Engineer Intern, 2021 & 2022
See what our interns have to say  "The internship was very helpful for me as it helped me land a full-time position at Fluke! You will learn things that can't be learned at school, by allowing you to work on real-world projects that can have an actual business impact. You get to learn and use new technical skills as well as project management and communication/interpersonal skills."
Khaoula Bahloul Software Engineer, Fluke Health Solutions; Software Engineer Intern 2021
See what our interns have to say "The internship was very helpful for me as it helped me land a full-time position at Fluke! One thing I like about Fluke is the people. As an intern, I was always encouraged to ask questions, and everyone was willing to provide some help. Also, the managers I have worked with are very supportive of my career and willing to invest time and resources in my growth."
Chiaki Yoshikawa  Cost Accounting Analyst; Cost Accounting Analyst Intern, 2021
See what our interns have to say  "Not only did I learn a lot during my two internships at Fluke, but I also grew personally and professionally with the support of my colleagues. I really enjoyed the positive team atmosphere and being guided by professionals who genuinely cared about my growth. I had the opportunity to work with people from all over the world and build invaluable connections." 
Plamena Petkova Channel Market Specialist; Channel Marketing Intern, 2022